I’ve been playing piano for nearly a year now.

For years, I had no idea how to play a piano on the piano.

So I did it on my first deathbed trip in 2009.

Then in 2011, I was on a plane in India when my wife called me.

I was already dead and her voice came on and said, “Don’t you know I have a piano?

Why don’t you go pick it up?”

I said, why don’t I go pick my wife up and play on it with her?

And she said, I’ll play.

She picked up the piano and started playing it.

After I started playing the piano, it got to the point where I would just play and not really think about the music.

I started thinking about music more and more and eventually started playing piano with the help of the family.

The piano became a part of me, a part that was connected to my family.

I feel connected to it now.

I think it’s important to have this connection to music.

When I died, I told the people around me that I didn’t have a lot of time left, and that I needed to play some music.

They understood.

So, I did a piano solo for them and they said that it’s amazing.

And that was when I felt connected to music and started thinking of my mother as my sister.

The first piano solo was a long time ago.

In 2014, I started doing piano with a group of people.

My mother, who is about 95, started playing in the choir and then my sister was playing the violin.

She has the same playing style as me, so it’s just an extension of that.

I just think of my mom as a musical instrument.

So it’s a gift that I have to take care of.

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