With a tropical weather pattern, Florida is in a great position to get into the fun with the right hotel.

Here are the top hotels in the state.

• St. Petersburg Beach Hotel: Located in the downtown area of St. Pete, the St. Peters Beach Hotel is a beautiful, relaxing place to relax in your favorite Florida summertime style.

• The Coral Reef Resort & Spa: The Coral Resorts is located just steps away from downtown St. Peter, and is a popular spot to take your family for a family day out.

• Key West Beach Resort & Casino: The Key West Resort & Resort is a resort on the west coast, and features a beach that is ideal for sunbathing, lounging, fishing, boating and more.

• Miami Beach Beach Resort: This beautiful, luxury resort offers all of the same amenities as the St Pete Beach Hotel, but it’s located at the heart of the city.

• Wynwood Resort & Club: This resort is nestled within the vibrant Wynwood district, and the Wynwood is a favorite for those seeking a beach holiday.

• Sunshine Beach Resort and Casino: This tropical resort is located in the beautiful, scenic Palm Beach County, and it offers a perfect setting for relaxing in the sunshine.

• Orlando International Airport: Located near Orlando, the Orlando International airport offers airport access to major cities around the world, and provides easy access to many of the best shopping and dining options.

• Jacksonville Beach Resort Hotel: Jacksonville Beach is just minutes away from the airport, and Jacksonville Beach Beach is one of the most popular destinations for beachgoers in the South Florida area.

• Daytona Beach Resort Resort & Suites: Daytona Beach is located on the east coast, so the resort is a convenient location to grab a bite to eat and relax.

• Tampa Bay Convention Center: Located right on the Tampa Bay area’s southern coast, the Tampa Convention Center is one beautiful, spacious, and cosmopolitan area that offers many of its residents a great vacation.

• Boca Raton Resort & Marina: Boca Rodeo Beach Resort, Boca River Cruise Resort, and Boca Beach Resort are all just minutes from Boca, so Boca has become one of Miami’s top tourist destinations.

• Coral Gables Resort & Hotel: Coral Gable is located right off of downtown Miami, and you can spend the day exploring the surrounding area, taking in the sea, and catching a great view of the Miami skyline.

• Disney World Resort: Walt Disney World is located within walking distance of Boca and Biscayne Bay, and offers guests a great way to spend the holiday season.

• Universal Orlando Resort: Universal Orlando offers guests many ways to enjoy the holiday, from shopping to dining, and has a wide variety of activities and attractions to explore.

• Whistler Resort & Lake: This stunning resort located in Whistlers Bay is a perfect spot to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery.

• SeaWorld Orlando Resort & SeaWorld Florida: The SeaWorld park is located near Disney Springs, and can be easily accessed from Biscay Bay.

• Palm Beach International Airport & Convention Center : This airport can be reached by taxi, and with a great location, it’s the ideal place to take a short vacation.

It’s also just minutes walk from downtown Miami.

• Mar-a-Lago Resort & Campground: This magnificent resort is the home of the Palm Beach Club, and boasts more than 1,300 rooms to enjoy, with more than 300,000 square feet of outdoor space to enjoy.

• Florida Keys National Seashore: The Keys National Sea Grant offers visitors a beautiful location for exploring the region, and its open to the public.

• Grand Floridian Resort: The Grand Floridan Resort is located at one of Florida’s most popular beach destinations, and also offers a fantastic way to enjoy a romantic sunset or sunrise.

• South Florida International Airport.

The airport is located next to downtown Miami and offers convenient access to all of Miami.

The International Airport is the hub of many major airport terminals, and most of the international flights are from there.

It also is a major hub for the International Spy Agency.

• International Jetport.

The jetport is located two miles away from Miami, but is an ideal location for leisurely ocean cruise vacations.

• Walt Disney Springs Resort & Village: The Walt Disney park is an iconic landmark in the Disney Springs neighborhood, and visitors can enjoy the area’s rich history with its many museums, shopping, and dining attractions.

• Lake Buena Vista Park & Golf Course: The Lake Buenaventura Park & Garden, located just outside of Disney Springs is one place that will capture your imagination.

• Fort Lauderdale International Airport Airport.

Fort Lauderdale Airport is an important airport in the United States for international travel, and connects to the airport in Orlando, Miami, Orlando International, and other major cities in Florida.

It is a short drive from Disney Springs

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