A jelly-sized key found on a biscayne in an English garden has been identified as a key finder for the late king George VI.

The discovery of the key in the garden of the Kensington Gardens was made by a member of the public and is being described as “the most remarkable find” since the discovery of a diamond in the 1970s.

The key found was believed to have belonged to the late King George VI, but was never found.

The king was known to collect large items of jewellery from around the world, including a diamond from the Diamond Jubilee in 1999.

A key found at the Kensett Gardens in Oxford, which has since been sold.

It has been reported that the diamond had been a part of a ring given to the queen by her uncle, the late Earl of Richmond, who was also the last king of England.

The jewel, believed to be worth more than £2 million, is thought to have been found by a gardeners’ apprentice.

The Kensett gardens were part of the Earl’s estate and the owner of the estate said that the discovery had been “a very sad day for us all”.

“The diamond is an item from one of the great royal families of history and is a key found by someone on a very special day,” the owner said.

“We are so sad it has been lost and it is a terrible loss to the Kensetts family.”

A spokesperson for Kensett Garden said the gardeners had been working in the gardens for around 40 years and had found nothing “significant” in the year since the garden was built.

The estate has asked anyone with information to contact them.

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