The Florida Keys necklace, made of cotton and white gold, has a price tag of $849, but you can buy one for just $299 at Walmart.

The necklace, which is one of two that has the gold, is the latest fashion accessory to hit the market in the United States amid a drought in Florida.

In July, Tiffany &Saks Fifth Avenue launched a line of black, gold and platinum jewelry.

“I like the design, but I also like the fact that it’s very comfortable,” said Sarah, who asked that her last name not be used.

Sarah wears the necklace on her right arm and wears it often.

“It’s the perfect gift for a girl in high school,” she said.

Sarah has been wearing the necklace for nearly a year, but it has never cost more than $300.

It is also a fashion accessory for younger girls, said Stephanie, a spokeswoman for the Florida Keys National Wildlife Federation.

The bracelets are designed by the company Tiffany &amps;Sars and are made of pure gold.

Tiffany &amping;Sarks Fifth Avenue has also released an updated version of its gold bracelets, featuring a new design.

The bracelet comes with a new black-and-gold design.

It also includes a white gold buckle.

Stephanie said that in the past year, Tiffany’s has seen sales of the bracelet jump from 300 to about 2,000 a day.

Tiffany’s, which has about 1,300 employees worldwide, has been hit by a drought and is on a supply freeze.

Tiffany has also seen a surge in demand for the bracelets.

“We’ve been selling out our inventory, and that’s really the key to our success,” Stephanie said.

Tiffany is also adding more colors and designs to its bracelets over the next few weeks.

“People are buying a lot of new jewelry in the fall and we’re really excited to see that as we ramp up production,” Stephanie added.

In May, Tiffany posted a record-breaking $3 billion in revenue, but its revenue was $1.3 billion below forecasts.

The company has struggled to stay afloat amid the drought and other financial pressures, and it lost about $1 billion in the fourth quarter.

In the first quarter of 2018, the company had about $3.1 billion cash and investments, down $2.6 billion from the same period last year.

Tiffany says it is taking the $1 million mark in its financial results this year.

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