Longboat Key Resort and Spa in Australia’s Sunshine Coast is a prime example of a resort where the key is worth more than a million dollars.

Keyes daughter Sarah Davis, who played on the football team for the Gold Coast Titans, is a key contributor to the resort.

Key’s son Sam, the CEO of the Gold and Newcastle Knights, and daughter Sarah are also key contributors to the property, with the Golds worth $3.6million.

The keys are the latest of several items that Keyes daughter has donated to the family.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave $2.9million to the Keyes after she donated her $3 million house in England to the children of the late Prince Charles, her half-sister.

The Gold Coast Knights have also donated their home in Victoria to the Davis family, where Sarah Davis plays in the women’s football team.

The family also donated $2 million to the Queen’s Fund, a charitable foundation set up to promote a greater understanding of the causes and concerns of those who are in need.

Key, however, has been unable to keep the Goldies on track.

The Golds are set to lose $5 million when they close the property and sell the remaining land next year.

While Key’s daughter Sarah has continued to be involved in the resort, her involvement has been reduced to an “on-the-spot” level.

The Duchess of Cornwall has also been a key supporter, giving $1.2 million.

She gave $5.3million to help the family get through the 2016 financial year, but the Duchess’s contribution has not been enough to secure the resort’s future.

The Keyes are also facing the prospect of a potentially difficult legal battle over the sale of their home.

Key has spent $50 million to purchase the property in the Goldfields and it has yet to be sold.

The estate agent that Keys daughter works for, Wollongong and Golds, is also being investigated over a claim that she stole $500,000 from the couple’s bank account.

Wollongongs attorney, James MacPherson, said he was not aware of any criminal activity relating to the bank account but was “proud of the work” of the company.

Key has not spoken publicly since the news broke last week.

He was in the UK to attend the Royal British Legion Parade on Sunday.

Keyes daughters husband Sam, who is also a billionaire businessman and the chairman of the Melbourne Cricket Club, was also in the country to attend.

“We are very sad to hear about the family’s situation, and we are committed to continuing to fight for the Key family, their property and the Australian community,” Keyes’ spokesperson said.

“It is our view that we need to work together to find a solution.””

The Key family is one of Australia’s richest and most influential families. “

It is our view that we need to work together to find a solution.”

The Key family is one of Australia’s richest and most influential families.

Their fortunes have soared over the past five decades and include the family business, which makes jewellery, jewellery-making and luxury products.

Sarah Davis, Sarah’s daughter, is expected to continue as the Duchess of Sussex’s official representative to the British monarch.

She is also expected to be one of the next Queen Elizabeth II’s ambassadors to Australia.

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