The House will take a hard look at President Donald Trump’s healthcare plan this week, as Republicans scramble to hammer out an agreement.

But there’s no guarantee the Senate will be able to approve it, and the House plan could fall apart on its own.

The bill would replace Obamacare, or at least a lot of it, with a plan that’s much less generous to Americans with pre-existing conditions and a massive expansion of Medicaid.

Republicans are aiming to enact a health-care law with a major focus on lower-income people and women, but it’s unclear if that’s what’s in the GOP bill.

Republicans have been working on a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare since last July, but they’re still not close to a final bill.

The Congressional Budget Office has projected that the GOP plan would cause 11 million more Americans to lose health insurance by 2026, and a number of independent analyses have suggested it could cause the number of Americans with preexisting conditions to increase by a third or more.

In an effort to get a bill out of the House, the House passed a version of the AHCA that would give states more flexibility in choosing their Medicaid programs.

It also would give people with preexcited conditions greater access to coverage.

But the Senate is taking a different approach.

It’s planning to take up the House bill this week and pass it on its floor before the end of the month.

House Republicans want to move on to other legislation that would address the ACA’s most important issues, including Medicaid expansion and tax reform.

And Senate Republicans have signaled they’re likely to vote on their own version of AHCA next week.

A number of Senate Republicans are already on record in opposition to the House AHCA.

They’ve already said they’re not looking to pass a version that eliminates the Medicaid expansion or tax overhaul that’s part of the GOP’s health-reform package, but rather a version with a number less generous than the one the House is currently working on.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters this week that Republicans are “taking a more aggressive approach” to repeal-and-replace legislation.

But the Senate hasn’t made clear whether it wants to vote next week on a version without the Medicaid and tax changes included.

The House plan is also likely to be more generous than any of the Senate’s current versions.

Under the House version, people with pre of any preexisted condition would get more assistance than the Senate bill.

But under the Senate plan, people without pre-existed conditions would be given less assistance than under the House.

The AHCA is designed to give states flexibility in setting up Medicaid programs to help lower- and middle-income Americans, but there are also provisions that would make the ACA a lot less generous for those with preexisting conditions.

The Senate bill would also eliminate some tax breaks for the wealthy, while leaving many tax breaks untouched.

The bill also doesn’t provide a way to increase insurance coverage for people with high-risk conditions like preexistent heart conditions, diabetes and cancer.

The Senate plan also doesn´t include any replacement for Obamacare’s subsidies that lower out-of-pocket costs for low- and moderate-income adults.

The AHCA does include a tax credit for people to help them afford insurance, but only if they are able to afford it.

That would be a big change from the House proposal, which includes a tax break for people who can afford it, but no tax break to help people with low-income families.

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