The new Uber in India has been hailed as the best thing to happen to Indian consumers in years, and the company has quickly become the go-to service for drivers in the country.

But in India, where Uber has been the country’s most popular service, the ride-sharing service has faced challenges.

While its users have used the app for years, it has been a tough nut to crack.

The biggest hurdle is that its services are mainly in rural areas, and there are many drivers with no drivers training.

In addition, Uber in the last few years has been under fire for using its app for illegal purposes, such as booking rides and charging fares, in violation of the terms of service.

But as the company faces more legal challenges and has been forced to shut down some of its services, some drivers are now questioning why the company is allowing them to use its app.

Uber India spokesperson Kavita Krishnan told TechCrunch that its decision to let drivers use its Uber app for free is in line with its business strategy.

“The goal is to make the service more convenient for drivers,” Krishnan said.

“But Uber has to have a good safety strategy.”

To make that possible, the company introduced an app called Uber for India, which allows drivers to book and reserve rides through a smartphone app, and allows them to schedule and pay for rides.

It also gives them access to a number of Uber-branded apps, including the Uber-Catch app.

The company said it was also working with taxi operators to bring Uber-like services to the cities in the near future.

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