Dear Canadian, you may have noticed that I have posted this on /r /all lately, so I thought it would be helpful for everyone to have a look at the process.

If you don’t know what a car keys is, I’m sorry.

It’s like an international mail order that ships you an official Canadian passport, and when you put your money into it, you get a package of letters, cards, and money.

To get your package, you have to fill out a simple form on the website.

Once you have filled it out, the package will be sent to you, which takes about 3-5 business days.

After the package has arrived, you will receive a letter from your courier company (usually in the mail, depending on where you live) that will say you can now start the process of getting your car keys from Canada to the US.

Here’s the process, and a video that shows the whole process: 1.

Get a Canada Post driver’s licence (CPRL) for your car If your car has a Canadian licence, it can take between 4-7 business days to get your car to Canada, depending where you are.


Register your car on Canada Post’s website Once your licence is registered, you can start the Canadian vehicle registration process.

You will need to fill in a few basic information such as your address, the vehicle model, and make and model of the vehicle.


Sign up for an online vehicle registration account Once this is done, you’ll receive an email that your vehicle has been registered to you.


Pay for your vehicle registration online, and mail in your vehicle to Canada Post Once the car is registered and you have paid for the registration, you are able to pay for your registration online and mail it in. 5.

Check your vehicle for a missing key (if it is missing, it means you haven’t registered your car yet) If it has a missing car key, you should be able to locate it and mail the key back to Canadapost.


Take the key to Canada post for inspection (if there is a key for the car, it will tell you the vehicle’s address) Once Canadapost has inspected your vehicle, it’s time to take it to your local police station to have it tested for missing keys.


You can then return the keys to Canada for a new car key (to make sure it’s yours) In some cases, your local law enforcement may require you to provide additional proof of insurance before you can have the key shipped back to you for a second pass.


The key will be mailed to you in the next business day or two (depending on the country you live in) if you don´t have the correct insurance and don´ts have the money to pay it yourself.


Once your car key is sent to CanadaPost, you must return it within 72 hours.


Once you receive your keys, you MUST remove the key from the car and put it in the mailbox.


When you receive the keys, place them in the vehicle for testing.


When your car is tested, the key will show up in the post.


If you have a missing keys, or the keys are broken, you could lose the key and it could be very difficult to retrieve the car key.


If your car fails the test, Canada Post will refund your money if you were unlucky enough to lose your keys.

This is the process I recommend you follow to get the best deal.

I hope this helps everyone who’s wondering about the process or simply want to have the answers.

I hope this is helpful to you!

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