Key points: Manasotans Key and Big Splash resorts open to guests in May The Key and Splash are both part of the Big Island Resort and Spa chain in Hawaii, with a combined capacity of more than 1 million guests and an average occupancy rate of just under 4%.

Guests will be able to rent the new attractions at a discounted rate, while staying at the existing Key and Slide resorts. 

 “The Key and the Splash are a part of our long-term strategy to build the largest resort destination in the world,” said Mark R. Sauer, Chairman and CEO of Manasoteas Key Resort and Resort.

“The Big Splash is a significant part of that strategy, and we’re excited to begin opening the doors of our two resorts in May.” 

The Key & Splash resort in Hawaii will be open to Guests in May, with the Key & Slide Resort in the Pacific Rim and Big Island resort slated for May 2018. 

The Big Island & Big Splash will open in May 2018, and the Key and The Splash will be opened in May 2019. 

Guests will be invited to explore the three new attractions, which will be built on the iconic Big Island of Hawaii and the Big Splash. 

Both resorts will offer a variety of services and amenities including water sports, kayaking, and canoeing. 

Key & Splash is also opening an additional restaurant, including a seafood bar and seafood restaurant, in the form of a restaurant and lounge. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome our guests to our Key & Park locations in May and June, and are looking forward to welcoming guests to the Key, Big and Big Room,” said Scott F. Ehrlich, Chief Operating Officer, Manasokeas Key & Resort. 

Read more from USA Today about Manasotos Key Resort.

 Posted April 19, 2019 11:43:36PM

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