A key large in the world of Windows will be made available on the Microsoft Store and Microsoft Wallet in late January, offering consumers the chance to play with their key in the same way they would any other key, thanks to a key lending program launched last week.

The program, called Wanna Play with your key, has seen a surge in interest over the past couple of weeks, with over 3,000 people having received the offer in the last 24 hours.

The key lending initiative has been launched by Microsoft and WannaPlay with your keys, a company that has been working on making Windows keys for a long time, which is why the company chose to take the initiative on, according to Microsoft’s VP of Global Product Marketing, Mark Pascarella.

“It is our mission to make the Windows community a better place and we are excited to make sure that our community of users can now enjoy playing with their keys and using them as much as they want,” he said in a blog post.

“WannaPlay With your keys is a great opportunity to get the most out of your key by making it available for the most people possible.”

It’s unclear exactly what the program will offer, but users will be able to access their key by using the Microsoft Wallet app on Windows 7, 8, 10, and later, and by visiting the Windows Store, where they can check the availability of their key, or go to the key lending website to find out more about the program.

The Windows Store is available at www.microsoftstore.com/windows/keyloans.

If you’d like to check out the Windows key lending page for your Windows operating system, you can do so here.

Wanna Play With Your Key will not be available for use in any of the Windows operating systems on which the key will be available, and will be exclusive to Windows 10.

Users who sign up for the program through the Microsoft website will receive their key within 30 days, with Microsoft also providing an FAQ page on the program’s launch page that gives further details.

The WannaPay program, which launched earlier this month, allows customers to lend their key to others via credit cards, with users then receiving the keys in the form of a payment on the customer’s behalf.

Wanted to borrow a key for your home or office?

We’ve got a chance to offer a 1-year, $25,000 loan.

Find out more at WannaPaid.com and sign up today.

KeyLabs, a startup that is helping people lend keys, has also released a guide to help customers who are looking to make use of the program, in which they offer advice on how to access your key.

 The WampoleKey app for Windows has also launched a dedicated page on its website, and users can check out its FAQ page to find more information.

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