A key bank ATM in Perth has been closed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) following complaints about the quality of the machines.

The ABC understands that a group of customers complained to the regulator about the machines, which were not functioning correctly.

The machines were being installed in a number of banks across Australia and the machines are believed to be being used in the Philippines.

The group of owners is seeking to have the machines replaced.

The ACCC’s inspector general has begun investigating the machines and will be making further enquiries, an ACCC spokesman said.

The group was also concerned about the use of a machine to process debit cards.

The ATMs that were in the group were not connected to the network and there were no systems to monitor the transaction flow, the spokesman said in a statement.

“The ACCCC will take a thorough look at the issues identified by the concerned customers, which are in the interests of consumer safety and competition,” the spokesman added.

“We are also currently working with our partner banks to review the issue, and have been informed that some of the customers who have been affected are being offered alternative ATMs.”

In the meantime, we have requested that all of the banks in the Perth network have the appropriate machine-to-machine contact to ensure the machines work properly and are connected to their network.

“The ABC has contacted all of Australia’s major banks for comment.

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