Key points: Key swimmers are taught a new way to do a single underwater session every day for a month, including learning to breathe normally and how to properly hold a breath Key features: The swimmer has to swim in a specially designed underwater tank with a special “tractor” that pushes the body down and out of the water to simulate drowning Key points for improving performance: The new method of swimming has the potential to make it easier to hold a normal breath, keep your head underwater, and even swim with a mask on Key features of Keegan’s method: Key points Key points of Keegans new method: A specially designed tank with the same tank-like design as his own is used for the swim sessions, which he describes as a combination of the two modes of breathing.

“You’re swimming in a special underwater tank.

And you’re getting taught how to breathe properly.

You’re learning how to hold your breath, how to use your arms properly, how your muscles work.

Then, as you go through it, you’re going to be able to do this underwater cycle with a regular breath, but you’re also learning how you’re able to breathe underwater with a normal breathing,” he said.

Keegan also revealed he would like to be recognised as a “world-class” diver after competing in the Great Barrier Reef diving competition in 2015.

He said he wanted to compete with the likes of Michael Phelps, who is the world’s top male diver, to help others get better at diving.

The swimming coach also revealed a new technique he had developed in order to achieve his swimming goals.

His new technique involves swimming in two different directions at once.

It’s called the “duck stroke”, where he takes the dive with his left hand and swims with his right.

And, as his right hand goes under the water, he swam with his “left hand” in a similar manner.

This technique allows him to get into a dive without being too far off the surface, he said, and to make sure he doesn’t “punch the wall” in the water.

Key points: Keegan Key said the new method could help improve the swimming of swimmers that have been swimming for a long time The new swim technique allows for better breath control and has the capacity to be performed underwater in water depths of up to 400 metres, while maintaining a normal underwater breathing rate.

To learn more about Keegan, visit his website.

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