It is no secret that the super-rich have become more powerful over the past decade.

In the past year alone, the top 1 percent of Americans have gained about $1 trillion in wealth and the bottom 90 percent has lost $800 billion.

The new class of super-wealthy has also expanded their control over the media, with the media’s influence in shaping the political agenda now more than ever.

The media has become increasingly important in the 2016 presidential race.

According to the New York Times, “a new group of wealthy individuals, mostly from media and technology companies, is trying to buy the news media and make sure that its owners don’t get enough credit for the new economic growth and social mobility that has driven the nation’s economy.”

In the same week as the election, the Wall Street Journal published an article by a former New York Post journalist who said that “Wall Street’s role in shaping policymaking is more important than ever, and its influence on policymaking could be decisive in the presidential election.”

The article, titled “A New Way to Control the News,” argued that “there is now a new breed of media mogul with the power to influence the news, the candidates, and the voters.”

This is a group that has already succeeded in driving the economy into a depression, but it is also gaining more power than ever and the influence it wields in shaping politics is even more concentrated.” “

The billionaire class now owns and controls nearly a third of all cable television, more than half of all print media, and a larger share of the broadcast and digital media than ever before.

This is a group that has already succeeded in driving the economy into a depression, but it is also gaining more power than ever and the influence it wields in shaping politics is even more concentrated.”

On the heels of the Wall-Street Journal article, a group of billionaires led by Mark Cuban, co-founder of the Cuban American National Foundation, wrote an op-ed in the New Yorker arguing that the media was “part of the problem,” arguing that “the media has been the problem, not the solution.”

Cuban added that “what we need is a media that is not owned by a few, and that is owned by the public.”

“I am not saying that we have to have a liberal media, I am saying that the public has a right to know that there is a very large portion of the news they can trust, and we need a media with a clear conscience that says that there should be a clear ethical distinction between what is acceptable in politics and what is not,” Cuban added.

Cubano’s op-ing came on the same day that the New Hampshire Democratic Party released a statement urging the state’s media owners to resist efforts to “overthrow” them, arguing that their owners are “essential to the American democracy.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform specifically states that “all media outlets that are owned or controlled by a majority of owners of at least 50 percent of the voting population should be subject to the same rules as any other media.”

This was echoed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) which stated in a statement on Monday that “any ownership of news outlets that do not align with the Democratic platform should be held to a standard higher than the highest standards that exist in our country.”

Furthermore, the DNC’s Platform states that the DNC “recognizes that ownership of some media outlets, including major news outlets, should be required for coverage in the political process.”

With the news cycle increasingly focused on the rise of the super wealthy, the media has continued to be an increasingly important battleground in American politics.

According to an analysis by The Hill, “the news media’s power has increased exponentially over the last decade, and now it is the most powerful entity in our democracy.

As the nation transitions from the ‘war on terror’ to a ‘war of ideas,’ the news is being consumed by a powerful, influential, and largely unaccountable media that dominates our newsrooms, our broadcast, and our social media.””

The establishment media is the largest contributor to the political party’s candidates, candidates’ campaign, and their party,” wrote Markos Moulitsas, director of the Center for Media and Democracy, in an op/ed for The Hill.

“The media’s editorial and political support for politicians and candidates can have far-reaching consequences.”

For example, Moulidsas wrote, “As a result of their dominance in American political life, a majority in Congress now owns at least half of the media outlets owned by Congress and a majority owns at most 20 percent of all newspapers.

Over the past six years, the majority of U.S. media outlets have increased their ownership of political campaigns, as opposed to decreasing their ownership.

These media companies

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