Wearing a white T-shirt during a ceremony, even a simple one, is enough to turn heads.

But what if the groom is not the bride but the groom’s mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother?

This is where the concept of a “family-owned” wedding becomes a little more complicated. 

 On Saturday, May 12, 2017, at the Wedding of Michael Reed and Kristina Wright, a bride-to-be was given a special gift when her mother-in-law, a white-collar woman who works at a bank, showed up at the ceremony.

She brought along her father-in­law, Michael Reed, a high-end designer. 

Michael Reed, who has a background in architecture, is a renowned New York City-based designer and interior designer, whose creations include apartment-based design. 

As Michael, who wears a blue suit and a gold tie, sat in the chair in front of the bride and groom, he made sure to bring a white shirt to the ceremony that was designed by his mother, Kristina Wright. 

“I thought this was really, really important,” Michael said, adding that he wanted the guests to “recognize” him. 

After he finished speaking, he handed the wedding dress to Kristina, who then handed the dress to Michael. 

The bride, who wore a white dress with a black skirt, white blouse, and brown boots, wore a black lace-up jacket, black pants, a blue-and-white necklace, and white flowers on her wrists. 

Kristina said she brought a white button-up shirt and a white belt, which she made out of gold, silver, and black leather. 

At the ceremony, Michael said that he thought that Kristina’s outfit would make him look “cool” because of the gold. 

When Michael handed the bride the bouquet, Kristinas mother-infant son joined them in the center of the hall. 

And that was that. 

Although the wedding is a wedding between two people who have different professions, Michael says that it was all about him and Krista. 

He said that the wedding is not a wedding between a family and a single person. 

“[I am] not a single guy, but I am a family person,” Michael said.

“It was just something special for me to have a wife and a husband.

I had a mommy, my dad, and a grandmother, so it was something special.” 

The wedding also made Michael more than just a designer and a designer-in charge of the resort. 

A couple of months ago, Michael and his family made a trip to the Maldives, which is located just outside of the United States. 

In addition to his wedding, Michael also has a family business, the Reeds Estate and has been selling vintage clothing and accessories. 

I was a very good-looking man, he said. 

So the weird thing is that I was very pretty in the Maldivian wedding, he said.

But Michael said that it wasn’t a celebration of his looks, but rather his values. 

According to the Navy Times, Michael said that he wants to make a commitment to his family. 

While he said that he wants to be a good father, Michael believes that it is his responsibility to give his children the best possible upbringing. 

His daughter, Krista, who is currently in her third year of high school, said she thinks he is doing the right thing. 

She said that she wishes that Michael takes advantages of his father-and mother-in law’s different backgrounds, including their religion and country. 

Kirsta said that while she would love to have her dad at the wedding, she is not interested in having Michael as the wedding planner. 

This is a special occasion and a great day for me, she said.

Michael added that he does not want to make a mistake during the ceremony. There are two people, and there are three people involved, Krista said.

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