We all know the key to success is to not draw your own tattoo.

But with the proliferation of tattoo parlors across the country, how do you know which ones will let you tattoo your favorite animal?

To get a better idea of the quality of the services offered, we decided to dig into some of the top tattoo parlor chains to find out which ones are truly up to par.

First, let’s get the ball rolling with our favorite parlor: The Duck and the Goose TattoosIn addition to the iconic Duck and a Goose logo, the Duck & Goose Tattons in Orlando, Florida, is also home to the legendary Duck & Duck Tattoos, which is where we started our journey to find the best tattoo parlers.

These tattoos have become such a signature of our business that the name Duck & Dove is now synonymous with our business.

For our first trip to the Duck Tattons, we went to the very first Duck &Duck Tattoos in Orlando and it was a huge hit.

The service has since grown to include other Duck &Gos as well as other animals.

They are a family owned and operated company and are dedicated to providing quality tattoo services.

The Duck &Huck Tattos in Lake Wales, Indiana, is a favorite of the locals and is well known for its tattoo parlay.

Their service is second to none and is usually on the top of the charts for tattoo quality.

They have been in business since 1993 and are known for providing a quality tattoo service that is not only unique but also very affordable.

You can find a wide variety of tattoos from different animals in their shop, including duck, horse, and alligator.

To get the best of both worlds, we ordered the Duck&Huck tattoo with the iconic, white Duck logo on top and a black Duck in a pink background.

The tattoo came with the duck logo on the back of the neck, while the white Duck was on the front of the head.

We also got the Duck’s signature on the forehead and a duck on the chest.

It’s hard to top this.

This was a really great tattoo and we would recommend this to anyone who wants a unique tattoo with a nice price.

Duck & Gums in Lubbock, Texas, has been in the tattoo parlance for a long time.

They specialize in both duck and horse tattoos and are located in Linton, Texas.

While the Duck is their most popular tattoo, they also offer tattoos for all other animals as well.

We opted for the duck on our back with the Duck logo and the duck in a blue background.

Both tattoos were very good and cost around $50.

We love how easy it is to order a Duck & Ducky tattoo.

We received our tattoo on the duck with a duck logo and black Duck on the neck.

They did an excellent job at keeping the price low and the quality very good.

Duck’s Tattoos and Duck & Dogs are in the area, too, and we also enjoyed their duck and the dog tattoos.

These are some of our favorite Duck &Dog tattoos and the price was good for both.

They also offer an impressive variety of animals as a result of their extensive line of animal tattoos.

We loved the dog with a black duck on top, a white duck on front and a white horse on the rear.

We think you’ll be pleased with both the Duck tattoos and Duck’s tattoos.

Duck Tattoo StudiosIn addition the Duck tattoo parls, we also visited the Duck Studios tattoo shop.

Duck Studios is located in Westlake, Texas and is also known for their high quality tattoo art.

Their tattoo art is usually one of the most unique in the country.

They’ve been tattooing for over 50 years and have become known for the quality they deliver.

For their duck tattoo, we received the Duck with the traditional Duck logo in the back and a purple duck on back with a red Duck on front.

The duck tattoo was great.

They do a lot of different designs and the colors are very unique.

It was also a great price and was a big hit with customers.

We would recommend Duck Studios to anyone wanting a custom tattoo with quality.

Duck Tattoo StudioIn addition, we visited the company Duck Titties to get a custom Duck tattoo.

Duck tattoos are a great way to show your support for the company.

Duck has been tattoo parling for over 70 years and has always been known for producing quality tattoo artwork.

Their clients are passionate about the products they produce and they have become one of our most loyal customers.

They pride themselves on the quality and quality of their tattoo art and offer some of most innovative and creative tattoo designs.

We had the Duck, the dog, and the black duck with the white duck logo.

The prices were very reasonable and we liked the Duck-Dog-Duck tattoos.

For the price, we were happy with both.

Duck and Dog

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