Coco Key’s revival may have come as a surprise to the man who brought it to the world in 2017.

The singer-songwriter is back with a new album, titled Manasota Keyes, due for release on September 10th.

Keyes was in New York City for a performance of the new album and, while she wasn’t onstage, she was spotted on the subway by a fan who snapped a photo of her.

“I got on a subway last night and this was the only time I’ve ever been on the train,” she tweeted.

“Just happened to be in NYC so I just happened to get on.”

Manasota, which translates as “favourite,” is a new song from Keyes’ third solo album, which she released last year.

It is her first solo album in three years, and she first began writing about it after a brief hiatus in 2018.

“Manasotas” is the title track, which features a remix by the Canadian singer-rapper Skrillex.

“It’s a really, really special song,” Keyes said.

“It was my first love song to write and it’s really good.”

She has been touring with the band Manasotos since they released the record, but it wasn’t until recently that she made it her full-time job.

“When I did Manasoticas it was a really big thing,” she said.

“The album was a big thing and I felt like it was my thing and that I was really good at writing.”

But now I just get to be me and that’s what it is.

“Every day I’m just doing it to try to do my best and do something good.”

Manaasota features an all-female rock band of young, young singers, and the songs are as upbeat as they are heartfelt.

“You can feel the emotion in the music,” Key, who also performs guitar, piano and vocals, said.

While the songs were written in collaboration with the Manasots, Key said the band also helped the songs to evolve and “get to where we are now.”

“We just do a lot of stuff together and that takes a long time, and we’re going to keep doing it for a while,” she added.

Manasoticis release date is September 10, 2017.

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